Our Client Commitment

Our commitment to you

When you engage with Baines Simmons, you get a sum that is much, much greater than our individual parts. Here’s why:

  • Investment - we heavily invest in the continual development of our consultants and portfolio of services to bring you world-class solutions and expertise
  • Methodologies - our consultants are trained to follow professional methodologies to ensure we excel in the delivery of our consulting, training and managed services
  • Products - we offer the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of products and services. They are proven to improve skills and competence, transform attitudes and motivate positive behavioural change
  • Assurance - our assurance and internal quality standards ensure we deliver the very highest levels of client service and satisfaction - 98% of our feedback is good or excellent
  • Client focus - we are 100% client-focused - whether, in the boardroom or classroom, our consultants continually strive to resolve your safety, compliance and regulatory challenges
  • Technical expertise - our industry reputation for technical expertise is built on our selection policy of recruiting only top quartile, experienced professionals who share our passion for aviation safety

We promise to:

  • Operate professionally, with integrity and continually act in your best interests
  • Offer fresh perspectives and impartial, expert advice based on our extensive experience and deep understanding of safety, compliance and the regulations
  • Provide technically excellent and competent teams who are experts in their subject areas and highly skilled in consulting and training techniques
  • Design, develop and deliver practically-focussed solutions which reflect our leading-edge thinking and continuous research
  • Inspire new thinking and generate energy and enthusiasm in order to try and motivate lasting attitudinal and behavioural change