Compliance Monitoring

Audit Services

Whether your need is for a short-term interim solution, an independent review, or a longer-term strategic partnership, our audit, and compliance monitoring services are designed for regulated organisations seeking support with airworthiness, compliance, and safety risk management audits.

Regulatory Gap Analysis

It is the nature of organisations to evolve and change in response to their business strategy or other external influences such as regulatory change.  However, organisational change can be more challenging for organisations in safety-critical industries where regulatory compliance is the baseline barrier to managing their safety risk. The first step for most organisations is to understand their regulatory status against the ideal they want to reach.  

LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit)

When designing operations, standards and training, operators make assumptions about how work is done on the line i.e. ‘work-as-imagined’. LOSA provides a unique insight into ‘work-as done’ during real operations and provides valuable insights into what is actually working well, or not so well, on the line.

Maintenance Line Operations Safety Audit (MLOSA)

The risks associated with hazards seem obvious after an incident or accident; however, the initial identification and interpretation of hazards are some of the most challenging aspects of risk management. A Maintenance LOSA (MLOSA) adopts a proactive strategy to address this.