Cristina Ruscitto

Dr Cristina Ruscitto is a Senior Researcher in the Fatigue Risk Management Team. She specialises in the psycho-behavioural predictors of jet lag and fatigue in the aviation sector. Her role involves a wide range of tasks, including the development of fatigue surveys and survey analysis, development of fatigue investigation process, review and recommendations of procedures, scientific study of roster patterns and the use of bio-mathematical models to conduct roster analysis.

Cristina joined Clockwork Research in April 2018, having previously completed her PhD in Health Psychology exploring the psycho-behavioural predictors of jet lag amongst long-haul cabin crew at the University of Surrey, UK. Her research examined the relationship between subjective (symptom perception) and objective (shift in melatonin acrophase) jet lag in order to provide a comprehensive account of jet lag in long-haul cabin crew. The nature of subjective jet lag was further explored in terms of how long-haul crew make sense of jet lag and how this affects their adaptation to jet lag. Finally, based on recent evidence about the circadian resetting properties of food timing, Cristina also evaluated the impact of mealtimes for reducing jet lag in long-haul crew.

Cristina’s interest in the field of jet lag and fatigue in aviation is not only academic but also personal having worked as long-haul cabin crew for 24 years. Cristina also works as a Visiting Researcher and Academic Tutor in Psychology for the University of Surrey. She is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.