John Wallace

John is an experienced Airworthiness Manager in both UK military & civilian operations. He uses his broad technical and diagnostic skills together with a commercial understanding to help clients recognise how they can best meet the intent of regulation while improving their execution of airworthiness management and maintenance.

Extremely knowledgeable in the practical application of Part 145 together with the MAA RA4000 series of regulations, John’s 38 years in the aviation industry have encompassed working with large fixed-wing aircraft as well as military fast jets and helicopters in both maintenance and CAMO management roles.

Expertise and capability

Consultant for UK Military Continuing Airworthiness Management (MAA RA4000 series of regulation) and Civil Part-145, training & diagnostics activities.
Works with clients to improve organisation performance, develop competence pathways for staff & improve maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness practices.
Consults and advises in the understanding, development and embedding of Airworthiness regulations into organisations through workshops, diagnostic tools, data analysis and promoting beneficial practice.
Provides strategic, management and technical expertise and advise to enable organisations to gain a clear understanding of the performance of their Continuing Airworthiness and Maintenance procedures and to improve them.
Career background and experience

Prior to joining Baines Simmons in 2021, John had a career in the Royal Air Force, initially as an Airframe Technician and then engineering manager gaining operational experience with multiple aircraft types in, Germany, Turkey the broader Middle East and the Falkland Islands. More recently he was a Continuing Airworthiness Quality Manager and assisted the development of organisations CAMEs and MOEs. Most recently he developed the maintenance policy for a fleet of large transport aircraft and managed the associated heavy maintenance program in the USA.