Fatigue Risk Management Diagnostic

Our Fatigue Risk Management Diagnostic (FRMD) assesses the extent to which your organisation is exposed to fatigue risk and the maturity and effectiveness of the FRM processes that are already in place. This enables organisations to be better placed to make informed decisions on where to prioritise focus and how operational demands can be met alongside ensuring fatigue is appropriately managed

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Why choose our FRMD?

Developed and delivered by our fatigue risk management experts, our FRMD offers: 

  • Assessment against appropriate regulatory standards and global best practice
  • A maturity assessment of how well Fatigue Risk is being managed against key performance indicators
  • Roster analysis that provides the organisation system-wide view of how effectively FRM is controlling fatigue associated with working patterns.
  • Fatigue surveys and/or focus groups to understand the causes of fatigue in your workforce, its consequences and how the current fatigue controls are working to control them.