Safety Culture Survey

Proactive safety culture is a key enabler to ensuring effective safety management, helping to foster an environment where staff feel responsible for safety. This can be seen when they actively seek improvements, vigilantly remain aware of hazards and utilise systems and tools for continuous monitoring, analysis, and investigation.

Monitoring safety culture is an important feature that an organisation committed to managing safety effectively must engage with. For organisations with large populations and broad geographic reach, a safety culture survey is often an attractive option. 

Why choose our safety culture survey?

Our SMARRT safety culture survey has been robustly built around key performance markers underpinned by our proprietary SMARRT MAP safety management performance model.
We work closely with you to establish the key areas of focus that you wish the survey to address. Accordingly, we tailor our surveys so that the results you receive are specific to your organisation and areas of concern.

Our safety culture surveys are developed to complement our diagnostics, which allows you to access a holistic and in-depth understanding of how well your organisation is manging safety.
Download our Safety Culture questionnaire to gauge how your organisation is doing