Fatigue Research

In order to manage fatigue risk, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the causes and contributors for fatigue and the impact of fatigue on the operation. Managing fatigue effectively can unlock the potential for competitive advantage and innovation, and drive safety improvement.

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Why choose our fatigue research services? 

Our team of fatigue risk management experts have extensive experience of working with Operators and regulating bodies to conduct, contribute to, or oversee scientific studies across a wide range of safety-critical industries.  All of our fatigue research has a strong operational focus, designed using our experience as FRM practitioners actively engaged in helping industry to design and implement effective FRMS. 

Our services include

Undertaking fatigue data collection
Working in close conjunction with the organisation, our fatigue studies involve thoroughly understanding the needs of the client. This includes whether the study is designed to support a safety case, or is intended to support deeper understanding of fatigue in the operation. We approach data collection in accordance with scientific principles, collecting objective and subjective measures appropriate to the study aims and population, and undertake appropriate statistical analysis to test the study hypotheses.

Independent review of scientific safety cases
We support operators and regulators to evaluate third-party generated fatigue risk management systems and safety cases to determine whether the data collected supports the operation. This includes reviewing whether the method and statistical methods used were sufficiently robust to answer the research hypotheses, and whether the results of the study supports that fatigue is appropriately managed in the operation.

Provision of technical, scientific support on fatigue-related regulatory development
We can support regulators with contributions to the scientific research underpinning the development and review of fatigue management regulations and guidance material.