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Organisation Approval Support Services

Achieving an organisation approval for the first time, or even an extension to the scope of your current approval is a daunting and unpredictable prospect when you are not familiar with the process. The regulatory landscape can appear to be a minefield to navigate, precious time and resources can be eaten up without necessarily giving you the confidence that you will secure your approval as efficiently and effectively as you would like, nor that you will hit your target date. 

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How our support services can help you

We focus on setting up your business for success within the regulatory framework, rather than just ticking boxes. Our tailored programmes are based on the scope of your requirement, supporting with

  • New approvals
  • Variations to existing approvals
  • Implementing amended rules

We offer support across both civil (CAA and EASA) and military regulatory domains (EMARs and National Regulations). Our coverage includes initial and continuing airworthiness, training and air operator approvals.

Our programmes ensure that you

  • Understand fully what the process will involve, what your starting point is, where you need to be and what challenges you may face and how to successfully navigate the application process
  • Are presented with expositions, handbooks or procedures which are realistic, workable and ready for review by the regulator
  • Can generate a compliance statement that will serve as a governance tool for your Accountable Manager and meet the regulator’s needs
  • Build a sustainable management system that effectively manages safety risk and supports continuous improvement

Why choose us?

Building on our extensive experience, we apply project and working methodologies that help you to build from solid foundations, not merely demonstrating compliance, but creating a management system aligned with operational reliability and efficiency.
Our team of experts will be able to assist you through as much or as little of the process as you want, to help you achieve an approval that is compliant, safe, fit-for-purpose and efficient.
Our experienced specialists bring best-practice knowledge and an independent perspective to ensure that the process is as painless as possible and achieve approval in the timeliest manner.