Safety Management

Safety performance is fundamentally dependent on the performance of your aviation safety management system and ensuring it is operating at an effective level of performance is now becoming a legal requirement on those holding responsibility.  Understanding what makes up these management systems, what drives and influences their performance and  how to measure their performance is all part of the new art of professional aviation safety management.
Recent and emerging regulation is mandating effective safety management systems across all areas of the aviation industry.  In the past aviation safety management has been focussed on occurrence reporting- a lagging indicator. Today you need a management system approach that identifies hazards and mitigates risks to proactively manage safety performance and make more informed decisions – leading indicators. This management system approach needs to be proactive and systematic beyond the traditional compliance and audit-driven approach. It is therefore essential that your safety management system is adequately led, managed and assured to meet the performance levels you determine necessary for your safety management organisational protection.

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Challenges you may be facing 

Accountable Managers and Safety Managers face many tough challenges in today’s evolving safety performance-orientated world. They have to be competent to profile their risks and operate Safety Management Systems capable of engaging people to collect and distil vast amounts of data into information which can be used to enable effective proactive risk-based decision-making.

But acceptable levels of risk to one organisation may not be the same for another, so how well does your organisation manage risk? How do you compare with your industry peers in terms of best practices? How confident are you that at all levels of your organisation, the board and staff know their top 10 risks? With a new emphasis on performance-based regulatory oversight, do you have the systems in place to predict where new risks might arise?
If you recognise any of the following difficulties above or below, please contact us for an informal discussion:

  • Do you want Safety to really be the No.1 executive team issue?
  • Does your top team need help understanding aviation safety management?
  • Does your safety assurance process answer key safety performance questions?
  • Do you need to have a better understanding of where your organisation is on the Present, Suitable, Operating, Effective, Excellent (PSOEX) SMICG evaluation scale?
  • Do you need assistance for your executive team to be facilitated through a process to create an enabling safety vision and safety strategy?
  • Do you wish to create a safety strategy or have a ‘Plan-on-a-Page’ to help you ‘do’ safety more effectively?
  • Do you have a safety management system that is not delivering continuing safety performance improvement?
  • Do you need help with engaging your workforce in your management systems to operate an effective SMS?
  • Do you need to know what sort of safety culture you have, to measure its current effectiveness and maturity level?
  • Do you want a reporting system that is increasingly leading as opposed to lagging?
  • Do you want the ability to make high fidelity risk-based decisions across the whole organisation, particularly in the boardroom?
  • Do you want help to be able to forecast safety (harm) with ever-improving fidelity?

How we can help 

We are leaders in safety management performance thinking. We are unique in supporting clients across strategic, management and technical safety management challenges. Our strong reputation for developing and implementing safety management improvement programmes across the industry is founded on our extensive experience of working in real-world situations with experts who are passionate about improving safety.

We offer a very broad range of consulting services and training programmes that build the systems, enablers, competence and skills for effective Safety Management. All our services are tailored to suit your specific organisational requirements:

  • Safety competence programmes– to build skills, expertise and organisational competence
  • Safety strategy development– to provide direction and accountability for your organisation
  • Strategic leadership development programmes– to inspire leaders to lead safety
  • Safety engagement programmes– to win ‘hearts and minds’ to your safety agenda
    Fatigue risk management programmes– to manage and mitigate high risks
  • Hazard and risk management programmes– to evolve proactive and predictive safety
  • Human factors programmes– to understand, manage and mitigate human risks
  • Error management programmes– to create a learning organisation
  • Reporting and investigation programmes– to secure confidence in organisational objectivity
  • Safety culture sustainment programmes– to build proactive safety climates
  • Human performance management programmes– to create the right safety behaviours
  • Safety assurance programmes– to design and manage quality and standards
  • Safety communication programmes– to motivationally connect people with safety
    Regulatory Systems, Processes, Resources & Competence Programmes – to become or remain compliant