Aircraft Registries

We design, build and operate aircraft registries on behalf of governments worldwide. Baines Simmons has a proven track record as an experienced, competent, efficient and reliable government service partner. We are highly versed in managing client confidentiality and we pride ourselves in successfully operating in areas of client sensitivity with our government partners, with aircraft owners and high net-worth individuals.

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Scope of our Aircraft Registry services

Typically operating as an outsourced service provider, we offer a broad range of Aircraft Registry services which include:

  • Provision of competent surveyors to carry out C of A surveys and provide recommendation for issue, renewal and export.
  • Process C of A applications
  • Production of surveyor packs and arrange surveys
  • Approval of Maintenance Programmes
  • Recommend approval of MEL’s, Permissions, Variations, Authorisations and Exemptions

Our Approach

Our approach to building world-class, competitively differentiated aircraft registries is quite simple.

  • We design and build a customer-focused, smart, intelligent regulatory system
  • We assure compliance with ICAO Articles and applicable SARPs
  • We operate a strong customer service infrastructure with highly service-orientated people
  • We commit to efficiently provide a long-lasting legacy on which to continuously improve
  • We provide expertise to secure competitive advantage through a service-led proposition
  • We promise to support and uphold our partners’ vision and strategic objectives


Our credentials – why Baines Simmons?

  • We have proven capability in the establishment of Aircraft Registries
  • We offer the highest standards of experienced technical resource
  • We operate the largest private sector pool of experienced Aircraft Registry surveyors

Since helping to set up, operate and manage the now highly successful Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IoMAR) in May 2007, the Registry has grown to become the seventh largest aircraft registry in the world and has been voted the ‘Best in the World’ by a survey among corporate lawyers, whilst at the same time receiving a local award for ‘Best Customer Service’ provider on the Isle of Man. Our technical, regulatory, service, operational and commercial models ensure successful Aircraft Registry management on a day-to-day basis. We are extremely proud of our role in closely partnering the Registry to secure these achievements.

Our dedicated team includes top quartile skilled airworthiness and flight operations experts who have valuable first-hand experience in preparing for ICAO assessments, and proven expertise in preparing a Registry through a successful safety oversight assessment programme.

We are currently the leading private sector provider in the aircraft registry market and have built an enviable international reputation that brings invaluable confidence to all stakeholders
We provide a dedicated customer-focussed team, 100% focused on the performance and success of the Registry. Our team has direct access to an extensive network of regulatory and Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) professionals.

Our people pride themselves in designing and delivering aircraft registry support services that contribute to our clients’ continuous aviation safety, operational and financial goals

We have extensive experience in conducting aviation safety audits with projects spanning quality management, compliance monitoring, safety leadership, safety culture, error management, human factors, safety and risk management

We have experience partnering directly with the UK CAA –and have directly supported over 40 National Regulatory Authorities

We have global operational reach with resources in the UK, North America, and Australia
We often partner at CEO, Managing Director, Registry Director of Civil Aviation, Executive Boardroom and Accountable Manager levels, always seeking to continuously add-value through proactive, trusted advisor relationships.

We exist to make a real and lasting impact on aviation safety

We are trusted advisors to many of the world’s leading airlines, civilian and military aviation organisations and national aviation authorities.

We have been helping to protect lives, assets and business reputation for over 12 years. During this time, we have become aviation safety world leaders, developing unique safety thinking, expertise and services to more than 500 clients, training more than 120,000 aviation professionals.

We have a mature and robust internal, independent quality management system which has been audited / accepted by clients such as the UK Military Aviation Authority, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems. 

Our QMS is certified ISO 9001:2008