Baines Simmons Managed Services Outsourcing Auditing Service

Outsourcing Auditing Service

We provide specialist independent outsourced auditing services in airworthiness, compliance and safety management. Whether your need is for a short-term interim solution or a longer-term strategic partnership, our outsourced Aviation Audit and Compliance Monitoring Services are designed for regulated organisations seeking support with internal airworthiness, compliance and safety management audits.

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Challenges you may be facing

  • Lack of experience of managing the process from initial application to final recommendation
  • Lack of resources to manage the initial and continual oversight programme
  • Lack of suitably qualified and experienced auditors.

How we can help

Baines Simmons can partner with you either directly, or through our wholly owned subsidiary (Aviation Compliance Limited), which provides an independent expert consultancy, training and regulatory compliance service. The compliance auditing service provided by Aviation Compliance Limited is based on the concept of a partnered, flexible approach. We are focussed on achieving high customer satisfaction levels through a flexible, pragmatic, responsive and professional service delivery. Our auditors agree to work to our audit code of practice whilst exercising due professional care.

  • Management of approval and continual oversight programmes
  • Conducting value-adding audits linked to performance
  • The analysis and trending of findings
  • Mentoring and competence development of personnel
  • Providing advice and guidance
  • Current thinking on performance-based oversight
  • World-class audit methodologies

Our Experience

We have developed world-class audit methodologies and have expertise in specialised areas across a wide spectrum of the industry. Not only do we help our clients recognise compliance issues but we also help them achieve business objectives, strengthen risk management and improve overall transparency. We are able to help direct resources and attention towards those elements that can really make a difference by highlighting through effective auditing the areas of current risk.

Benefits for approved organisations

Our outsourced audit services are bespoke to each organisation’s individual requirements, but in summary our service provides:

  • Significant savings on internal audit and compliance monitoring costs
  • Significant value to our clients, as the service offers an independent and systems approach to auditing
  • A focus on findings that support our clients to move beyond pure compliance towards real continuous safety and business improvement
  • The ability to make the auditing and compliance monitoring experience a positive step on the road to improved safety and business performance
  • Skills transfer and knowledge development of internal audit managers
  • A fresh pair of eyes and therefore a more effective way of identifying potential safety hazards and business improvement opportunities
  • A team of highly experienced and qualified systems safety auditors all with real world practical experience working across all key management systems
  • Audit and compliance monitoring services that are flexible and can be contracted and tailored specifically to meet organisational requirements
  • Flexible price options with attractive volume discounts

Benefits for defence organisations

By outsourcing the audit function, the military regulator benefits in a number of ways:

  • We act as a Qualified Entity (QE) conducting specialist regulatory tasks for the regulator; so that units can release and better utilise their fixed resources on higher value activities
  • We deliver to agreed high service level standards and agreed performance levels
  • We use independent and highly competent surveyors, who are able to provide objective and expert advice
  • We place great emphasis on maintaining professional independence, integrity and audit duties with also a supportive role of making our expertise available in the form of advice to management seeking initial and renewal of approvals
  • We can help develop and mentor regulatory staff, providing them with an understanding of value-adding audit techniques