Edoardo Mancini

Edoardo offers clients extensive knowledge and experience acquired in the aerospace manufacturing, operations, and training worlds.  His expertise spans across the whole product development lifecycle with special emphasis areas such as design, verification and validation, airworthiness, and operation both as flight crew and spacecraft engineer.

Expertise and capability

 Consulting on airworthiness, SMS and operational policies and processes at technical and strategic levels.
Consulting on systems engineering technical processes with focus on design, safety and reliability, functional analysis, verification & validation.
Advises on regulatory compliance, quality assurance and safety matters related to the operation of corporate and large transport aircrafts.
Career background and experience

Prior to joining Baines Simmons in 2021, Edoardo was operating as Airline Pilot on a widebody large transport aircraft for a legacy airline in South East Asia. With over 10 years tenure in the aerospace industry, Edoardo has covered roles within the NAC, EMEA and APAC regions. Starting his career as flight instructor, he was later engaged as Flight Operations Manager and Pilot for a corporate aviation operator. As Systems Engineer, he led complex and innovative projects with Tier1 aircraft propulsion OEMs, spacecraft manufacturers and operators.

He has an MSc. in Aerospace Systems Engineering and a BEng. In Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southampton, and a BSc. “Cum Laude” in Aeronautics - Aviation Management & Safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

He is a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Edoardo achievements include:

As Experimental Systems Engineer, leading the development of the most efficient high-bypass turbofan’s intermediate pressure compressor (IPC) subsystem.
Definition and implementation of a Safety Management System for a corporate aviation operator in the USA.
Experienced Systems Engineer in charge of the operations systems’ development for a major spacecraft operator’s Internet of Things (IoT) satellite constellation.
As System Engineer, supporting the design of systems and preliminary studies for a constellation of 200 satellites for telecommunication services on the equatorial region of the world.
FAA Commercial Pilot (CPL-IR ME-SE Land & Sea), Certified Flight Instructor (CFI-I-MEI) License holder
EASA Commercial Pilot (CPL-IR ME-SE Land), Flight Instructor (FI) License holder