Gareth Watkins

Over 30 years of airline Maintenance and operational experience, both in the UK and overseas, covering areas including Maintenance control, Planning, Line and Base Maintenance.

Expertise and capability

Line Maintenance Management skills, providing operational efficiency and safety to the airline.
Nominated person for airline 145 organisations.
Engineering operations centre Manager, ensuring technical support and rapid recovery of AOG aircraft.
Experience in Planning and Maintenance liaison.
Career background and experience

Airline apprentice, and Engineer, prior to moving into Maintenance control, and then overseas, where experience has included:

Maintenance Control
Base Maintenance liaison
Line Maintenance Management
Maintenance Control Management
Throughout his time focus has been on operational efficiency safety.


Increased maintenance activity away from main base using aircraft natural ground time, to increase aircraft utilisation.
Managing Line Maintenance as a business by carrying out third party work on other operators’ aircraft, worldwide.