Rowan Greenwood

Rowan has over three decades experience in commercial helicopter operations as a pilot, instructor, examiner, inspector, manager, flight safety officer and UK CAA regulator. He specialises in civil search and rescue where he was a SAR commander, TRI/TRE, training and standards manager and director, global SAR operations for Bristow Group Inc.

Expertise and capability

As a CAA flight operations inspector Rowan exercised legal and safety oversight of the UK helicopter industry conducting audits and inspections on offshore, SAR, HEMS, police and charter operators.
As a CAA training inspector he conducted initial and revalidation tests on TRIs and TREs on all helicopter types in the UK and overseas, initial instrument rating tests and TRI/TRE/IRI courses. As an EASA approved simulator inspector he conducted initial and recurrent simulator evaluations across the world on many civil and military helicopter types.
Rowan chaired the internal CAA working group that developed the civil regulations for helicopter search and rescue in the UK (CAP 999) and chaired the external steering committee to transition the civilianisation of military SAR under the civil UK SAR contract.
As the director of global SAR operations for Bristow Group Inc. in Texas Rowan was the business process owner for all SAR operations, training and standards across the UK, US, Nigeria, Australia, Norway, Trinidad and all new business.
Career background and experience

Rowan holds an EASA ATPL(H) and has flown the SK92, A139, SK61, AS332, B212, AS355, B206, EC120 and R22 in Europe, Africa, North and South America.