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Building & Implementing an Effective Management System

The direction of aviation safety regulation is in the adoption of a performance-based approach, which requires organisations to demonstrate how well they are managing safety through their management system. A well set up integrated management system achieves more than just positive safety outcomes. Yes, it assures the organisation and its stakeholders that it is compliant and managing safety risk. However, they are not bolt-on activities that service just a regulatory need but rather they are aligned to and enable meeting operational and commercial objectives. 

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Our service gives you

  • Gain efficiencies by integrating compliance and safety with processes and operations so that they are not regarded as separate activities with separate lines of costs and resourcing
  • Increased confidence in your stakeholders by demonstrating how you are both performing and meeting your compliance obligations, thereby lowering organisational risk
  • Reduced regulatory oversight visits or the Regulator’s Level of Involvement (LOI)
  • Realise the benefits from management system software investments by ensuring that there is a clear line between processes to support safety management and the procedures managed by the software
  • Improved decision-making and prioritisation with reliable measures and reporting 

Why work with us?

We pride ourselves on combining the power of our regulatory compliance and safety management expertise with robust methodologies that have been developed and honed in the field, working practically with industry. 
Our programmes work with all organisations, irrespective of the size, complexity or approval(s) held. 
Our methodology aims to build collective competence and increased engagement amongst stakeholders. We achieve this by using key models and concepts such as the PSOE maturity scale and Key Performance Questions and Indicators to help you and your organisation prioritise and give focus to your improvement activities. The programme culminates in a learning transfer stage to ensure that the improvements made are sustained.