Develop & Implement

Design & Implement Effective Fatigue Risk Management

It is increasingly acknowledged that hours of work limitations (for example, flight time limitations for pilots and cabin crew, or the European Working Time Directive) are not effective at controlling the risk of fatigue in all circumstances. To ensure that fatigue is controlled, safety critical industries worldwide are being recommended to implement elements of effective Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) alongside prescriptive hours of work limitations.

Organisation Approval Support Services

Achieving an organisation approval for the first time, or even an extension to the scope of your current approval, is a daunting and unpredictable prospect when you are not familiar with the process. The regulatory landscape can appear to be a minefield to navigate. We focus on setting up your business for success within the regulatory framework, rather than just ticking boxes.

Building & Implementing an Effective Management System

The direction of aviation safety regulation is in the adoption of a performance-based approach, which requires organisations to demonstrate how well they are managing safety through their management system.  
A well set up integrated management system achieves more than just positive safety outcomes.  Yes, it assures the organisation and its stakeholders that it is compliant and managing safety risks. However, they are not bolt-on activities that service just a regulatory need but rather they are aligned to and enable meeting operational and commercial objectives. 

Developing Competence to Manage Fatigue Risk

Part of our suite of Fatigue Risk Management Training and Consultancy Services, our FRM competence development service is ideal for individuals with limited FRM experience. It recognises that safety professionals in an organisation need to develop specialised competence if the organisation’s FRM is to thrive and deliver benefit.